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Friday, August 24, 2007

Braap Braap

Braap Braap is a wonderful Motocross Racing game. You can race around the track, scoring points for tricks, speed, and picking up random cubes. Hear your engine go "Braap Braap" as you soar through the air.

This is a very fun game. Extraordinary graphics for a web game make for a visually stunning experience, but make sure your PC can handle it, or the game will run slowly.

Gameplay - 25 out of 30

Very entertaining gameplay. Controls are ok, but the controls for jumping and performing tricks are a bit strange. There are a few bugs in the game physics, but nothing terrible.

Game Length - 12 out of 25

Not a very lengthy game. There are no stats which carry over from race to race, it's just race, and then do it again if you like.

Video - 15 out of 15

Absolutely stunning video for a web game. It is practically the graphical equivalent of the Nintendo 64.

Audio - 14 out of 15

Nice game sounds. In fact, the sound of the enging revving is so cool that the game was named after it.

Replay Value - 8 out of 15

The only difference between the first and second time you race is that you get to race in the oppopsite direction around the track. Developers could have done better.

Overall Score - 74 out of 100

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Bloxorz is an extremely entertaining strategy game. If you're wondering why I haven't posted in a week, the answer is: I've been playing Bloxorz! The point of the game is to manuever the block so that it falls through the "exit hole" (Poor choice of words in my opinion, but I didn't pick the name). Different stages have different obstacles, such as bridges to activate, fragile tiles, and even teleporting tiles.

As you might have guessed, I had a lot of fun playing this game. It features 33 unique stages, each more difficult than the last. It even keeps count of how many moves you've made as you make them. If/when you reach the end of the game, you can see how many moves it took you to complete the game (Note: Entering a passcode will erase your move count, so to get an accurate count, you must play the game straight through). See if you can beat my record of 3189 moves!

Gameplay - 30 out of 30

You can't ask for much better along the lines of gameplay. This game is very challenging, and it really makes you think critically about each move. The controls are simple, and I have encountered no glitches whatsoever.

Game Length - 25 out of 25

You could easily spend hours playing this game. It offers 33 stages, each more difficult than the last. Also, the passcode feature essentially allows you to save your game. So if you don't feel like playing for hours at a time, just jot down your passcode and resume later.

Video - 14 out of 15

Very smooth, 3-D visual performance. The game physics are believable. Transition graphics between stages are very cool.

Audio - 14 out of 15

Slightly Metroid-esque audio track, but is very appropriate.

Replay Value - 10 out of 15

Unfortunately, the stages are the same the second time around, so once you've completed the 33 stages, your only remaining challenge is to do it in as few moves as possible. Despite this, the game is still relatively entertaining the second and third time through.

Overall Score - 93 out of 100

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fancy Pants Adventure

Fancy Pants Adventure is simple, yet brilliant Adventure game. In this game, the player runs around "World One" defeating menacing spiders and collecting little swirly things. The main character is little more than a stick figure with some amazing hair and customizable fancy pants, which come in yellow, red, green, and blue. Trophies are also hidden throughout the world, and while the trophies have no impact on the game, they provide an additional challenge (collect them all!).

I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. The sketchpad-esque graphics somehow make the game more appealing. The main character has a wide variety of smooth moves, which are fun to use for no apparent reason! This game boasts a relatively simple premise, and still manages to be immensely entertaining.

Gameplay - 30 out of 30

Absolutely perfect gameplay. Extremely entertaining, simple controls, and no glitches to speak of.

Game Length - 22 out of 25

The game itself is a little short, however finding all the trophies (and the secret box ;-) ) extend the length of the game significantly.

Video - 14 out of 15

Two-dimensional, but the sketchpad-esque style makes an enjoyable visual experience.

Audio - 13 out of 15

Simple, but appropriate jingle and game sounds. However, there is no way to turn the sound off, which can be annoying if you are trying to listen to music and play at the same time.

Replay Value - 13 out of 15

This game is still entertaining the second and third time through, probably would start getting a bit repetitive after that.

Overall Score - 92 out of 100

Monday, August 13, 2007


TextTwist is an extremely challenging puzzle game. In TextTwist, the player is given 6 letters in random order, and must make as many 3-6 letter words as possible within the alotted time. Points are awarded for each word unscrambled. If the player unscrambles at least one 6 letter word, his or her points are carried over to the next 6 letter puzzle when time expires. If the player fails to unscramble any 6 letter words, the game ends.

TextTwist is one incredibly addicting game. I found it challenging and entertaining, and I also found myself analyzing words that I would come across during the course of my day and seeing what other words I could create by rearranging the letters. Overall, a great game, worthy of being the first game reviewed and linked on this site!

Gameplay - 29 out of 30

This game is just shy of a perfect score in gameplay. You won't be able to pay attention to much else while playing this game!

Game Length - 23 out of 25

The more puzzles you solve, the longer this game lasts. You have the play for quite awhile before you'll see the same puzzle twice.

Video - 9 out of 15

Nothing stunning visually, but good graphical interface.

Audio - 8 out of 15

Again, no stunning audio here, but appropriate sound effects. In my opinion, every game should have a mute button, and this one does not.

Replay Value - 15 out of 15

This game was just as entertaining the 100th time around.

Overall Score - 84 out of 100

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